The holiday season is as joyous as it is stressful. If you will be celebrating with a senior loved one present, you may need to even plan a bit more strategically to ensure that everybody is comfortable and has a lovely time. Here are 3 great tips for successfully celebrating the holiday season with seniors.  Consider Personal Home Health Care Services  If you have been looking after your senior relative with minimal assistance up until now, the festive season may be a good time to consider enlisting some extra help in the form of a live-in care provider. This personal home health care provider will take the worry off your shoulders and see to it that your loved one’s needs are met, all the while making it easier for them to enjoy bonding with their family throughout this special occasion.  Furthermore, you will not need to worry about feeding, bathing, and clothing your loved one, which means you will have more time to focus on buying gifts, planning festive feasts, and savoring some hard-earned ‘me-time’.  Plan ‘Low Energy’ Activities  Obviously, you will want to involve your senior relative in the festivities as much as possible, so do your best to keep at least some of the holiday activities low-key. Look through old photo albums together, play familiar board games or watch a favorite Christmas film while indulging in a few tasty holiday treats.  Avoid Large Gatherings  As our relatives age, they will often become averse to larger gatherings due to confusion or embarrassment. Respect this and keep festive visits and celebrations small, only inviting family and close friends. If you are keen to engage in something a bit larger and more celebratory, request that your friends play host rather than planning it at your own home if your senior loved one resides with you.  There is no denying that in-home care services can help tremendously when it comes to maximizing the festive season and ensuring that your senior loved one is well taken care of. Allow Tri-Med Home Care Services to assist. Contact us today to learn more about our extensive, customizable offering.

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